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HOW TO GO grocery shopping WITH BABY! [TIPS & TRICKS]

There are a lot of things you think of while you are pregnant. You plan the nursery, the strollers, the diaper bags, how to nurse and bathe the baby. However, suddenly some of the most simple tasks seem so daunting. how do I do laundry with a baby, how do I clean the house, for me, it was how do I go grocery shopping with the baby. I remember someone saying that people put babies in grocery carts all wrong, but I did not know how and freaked out. Well, today we have brought you this simple guide to help prevent a sudden panic attack. 

Here are three ways to approach shopping with a baby:

Put the infant carseat in a cart designated to hold automobile seats.
Wear your baby in a front carrier and push the cart
Use a baby shopping cart hammock

*Bonus Tip: skip the whole shopping thing, hit up Instacart, order groceries from your phone and enjoy a terrific show. 

How To put A automobile Seat In A shopping Cart Safely

If you want to put your baby that is in a carseat in a grocery basket then you should know about the perils in doing this erroneously: almost 24,000 babies are in mishaps happen every year. 

Shopping carts aren’t meant to hold automobile seats, they are meant for groceries. However, some carts now have a safe dock feature to safely place your automobile seat on top of your shopping basket. You can check here to see if your grocery store has a safe dock here.

Wear your baby while shopping

Another simple way to help you shop with your little one is to strap on your baby with your favorite baby carrier. This was my go-to move when my little one was awake. 

Baby carriers nowadays are so convenient you can easily (well not easily) get your shopping done. 

Another handy grocery shopping tip is to ask them to bag all your cold stuff together in plastic and the rest in paper bags so if you need to prioritize what comes in the house and what stays in the car, you can do so easily.

Use a baby shopping cart hammock

Now this one is new to me, but I all of a sudden started seeing them pop all over my local whole Foods market. The baby shopping hammock is an adorable way to shop with your little one and save your back too.

We want you to feel confident bringing your baby on shopping errands, no questions asked. This hammock has passed numerous safety tests and certifications, and is fully compliant with the us consumer product safety improvement Act (CPSIA). A secure seat harness and infant carrier strap ensures your baby and carrier stays put throughout.

One of my favorite features of the grocery cart hammock is that it is lightweight, you can simply pop it in your purse or diaper bag. You can check out the baby grocery cart hammocks here!

Other Tips

Now that you have a way to shop safely with your baby. here are a few more tips. 

Don’t Take too long – My cousin had a statement always, we stayed 15 minutes too long. Don’t let that be you. get in and get out. save yourself a shopping trip filled with crying
Use s grocery shopping app & Make Your Lise beforehand – I personally love buy Me a Pie, it is a terrific app to organize your grocery shopping
One store only – I used to hit up two or three stores to get everything I need. One is plenty when you have a baby. 

Not such a rookie anymore? tell us about your first supermarket challenge or make a no-sew shopping cart cover. Which approach did you take?

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